Trump offers US condolences to Sri Lanka for the attacks with 207 dead

 Washington – US President Donald Trump expressed his country’s condolences to Sri Lanka today for the attacks against four hotels, a residential complex and three churches, which have caused at least 207 deaths and 450 injuries, and offered the help from your country.

The president launched his message on his Twitter account, where he handled different figures of victims: “138 people have died in Sri Lanka, with more than 600 seriously injured, in a terrorist attack against churches and hotels.” The United States offers its heartfelt condolences to the Great people of Sri Lanka. “
“We are ready to help!” Concluded Trump.

After the eight explosions, the Government of Colombo has decreed a state of emergency in the country and the police have imposed a curfew with immediate effect in the face of fear of further attacks.

The first six explosions occurred in a coordinated manner at 8.45 am local time (2.30 GMT) in at least three luxury hotels in Colombo and also in a church in the capital, another in Katana, in the west of the country, and the third in Batticaloa , in the east of the island, according to the Sri Lankan Police spokesman, Ruwan Gunasekara.

The seventh detonation, in which there were two deaths, was recorded hours later in a small hotel located a hundred meters from the zoo in Dehiwala, a suburb located ten kilometers south of downtown Colombo.

The eighth and last, so far, took place in a housing complex in the area of ​​Dermatagoda, also in the capital, without further details have transpired.

For now, no person or armed group has claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks, while the authorities insist on paying close attention to the dissemination of false news that may generate confusion or acts of reprisal against an ethnic or religious group.

The international community has reacted with shock to the tragedy, which has lamented, among others, the leaders and authorities of neighboring countries, such as India, Pakistan and Indonesia, but also the European Union (EU), Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Austria and Turkey, as well as the Christian Churches in the Holy Land (EFE).


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