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Trump recommends Boeing to change the name of the 737 MAX aircraft

 Washington, DC – President Donald Trump today recommended the aeronautical giant Boeing to fix and change the name of its 737 MAX aircraft, after two aircraft of that model have suffered accidents that have resulted in hundreds of deaths.

“If it were Boeing, it would fix the Boeing 737 MAX, add some additional features and change the image of the plane with a new name,” Trump said in his official Twitter account.
“No product has suffered as much as this,” the president added.

Trump has worked closely with Boeing in recent weeks following the March 737 MAX crash of Ethiopian Airlines that killed 157 people on board.

Days after the catastrophe, the president ordered the suspension of the flights of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 aircraft and spoke with the CEO of the company, Dennis Muilenberg, to address the crisis.

Muilenburg himself acknowledged two weeks ago the similarity between the technical failures that affected the 737 MAX aircraft accident in Ethiopia and Indonesia in recent months and the “high workload” that can face their pilots.

After the release of a preliminary report of the investigation of flight 302 of Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing’s chief executive said that “it is apparent that on both flights” the control system known as MCAS was activated in response to “wrong” information from the attack angle.

The first investigations into the incident of a 737 MAX 8 in Ethiopia on March 10 show that the crew followed all safety procedures, but could not disable the automated control software that lowered the aircraft.
The accident in Ethiopia was the second in a few months of a 737 MAX, after in October 189 people died in another accident in Indonesia.

The New Tork Times reported last week that the US Aviation Authority (FAA) did not properly review two changes in the control software of the Boeing 737 MAXs that were crucial in the Indonesia and Ethiopia crashes, although they knew of the modifications in the MCAS system (EFEUSA)

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