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Oprah defends Meghan Markle for criticism and says she has a big heart

 New York, – The American presenter Oprah Winfrey defended to Wednesday the duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, of the rain of critics that she has suffered in the last weeks, that described as “unjust”, and said that the wife of prince Enrique de England has a “big heart”.

“I think she is being portrayed unfairly, and I think if people knew her she would know that not only is she elegant and dynamic in her position, but she also has a magnificent, warm, generous and kind heart,” she said in the program. “CBS This Morning” Winfrey, one of the most relevant and influential figures in US television.

The American exaction and new member of the British royal family has received numerous criticisms from the media for his complicated relationship with his father and his stepsister, and after learning the details of a party he organized in New York.

According to the press in the United Kingdom, his “Baby Shower”, as the celebrations that take place before the birth of a child in which the friends of the future mother are treated with gifts, would have cost about 500,000 euros.

An amount that many have called disproportionate and that, apparently, Queen Elizabeth II would not have liked at all.
However, the criticisms would have gone completely unnoticed by the Duchess, since, as Oprah reiterated today, Markle does not fall into the temptation of investigating what is said of her on social networks.

“I think it is to be admired that despite everything that is happening, she does not read anything,” said the American presenter, who was one of the guests to the link of the Dukes of Sussex held about a year ago.

Last February, one of Markle’s former colleagues criticized the wave of negative comments towards her, and said that “it was wrong to create this level of emotional trauma to anyone, and even more so if she is pregnant.”

For his part, George Clooney also came out in defense of the Duchess less than a month ago in a British program, and compared the attitude of the media towards her with the harassment suffered by Princess Diana of Wales.

Meghan is “a very kind, smart and intelligent young woman,” said Clooney, who added that he thought it was unfair to be treated by the media when all he is doing is “living his life” (EFEUSA).

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