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Kate del Castillo: “Life always surpasses fiction”

 Los Angeles (USA), – Mexican actress Kate del Castillo dazzled today at the premiere of the second season of “The Queen of the South” and recognized Efe that perceives “a very strong analogy” between her and Teresa Mendoza, his character in the series.

The interpreter, who has always been known for embodying powerful characters and great personality, considers it “special” to resume the role of Mendoza at a time when the phenomenon “Me Too” is on everyone’s lips.

“For me it means many things because it is a character that has changed my whole life,” the artist acknowledged. “It has a very strong social component that has to do with Mexico and politics, but especially for what happened to me,” he said, referring to the controversial episode in his life related to drug trafficker Joaquín “el Chapo” Guzmán.

The actress was investigated by the authorities to find out if she received funds from the “Chapo” for her tequila brand or for the filming of a movie about the life of the drug trafficker.

That appointment with Guzmán, which was aired in an article in Rolling Stone magazine by actor Sean Penn, was key for authorities to capture Chapo in January 2016.

“I could not return to my country at the time to do the series, but now I can, and Teresa Mendoza is also in her country of return, it’s a very strong analogy and I’m on par with her. It surpasses fiction, or rather always, “he said.

Shot in eight countries, the return of “The Queen of the South” takes up the story of powerful drug trafficker Teresa Mendoza eight years after disappearing thanks to the US witness protection program, all after sinking Mexican presidential candidate Epifanio Vargas

Now she leads a life in total anonymity in Italy as Maria Dantes, while raising her daughter Sofia in the Tuscan villa Massa Marittima. However, his life will take an unexpected turn and he will have to do everything possible to recover his old throne.

“Teresa Mendoza I feel it already, always with the permission of Arturo Pérez-Reverte”, valued the artist. “We have shared a couple of emails and I give my feeling … He is happy with that, I know he knows I left it in good hands, which are his own too, I hope I can live up to what I expected” , he added.

Del Castillo commented that it has taken so long between the first season and this precisely because she wanted to wait for the Spanish writer to publish a second book.

“I did not want to do it if he was not involved, and although there is no second book, he did the whole structure and is behind every chapter,” said the 46-year-old actress from Mexico City.
The cast of the new season features actors like Raoul Bova, Humberto Zurita, Paola Núñez or Eric Roberts.

“It’s the most exciting show on television,” said Roberts, an all-rounder of the performance, with more than 530 credits in film and television. “It’s a sexy series and working with Kate was very nice, every day with her on the set was a good day,” he added.

Roberts was pleased to be part of a series starring a powerful female character.

“It’s women’s time, they’re here to stay, they can not be second-class citizens any longer, they’re the ones who are going to direct things from now on and that’s how it should be, it was still time,” he said.

The second season premieres on April 22 on Telemundo (EFE).

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