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Death hit man in Miami by Mexican actor Pablo Lyle

Miami, .- A man hit in the head last Sunday by Mexican soap opera actor Pablo Lyle after a traffic incident died Thursday at the Jackson Memorial Hospital, in the city of Miami (USA), according to medical sources and relatives of the victim.

Juan Ricardo Hernández, a 63-year-old Cuban who, after an altercation in the northwest of the city was hit by Lyle, was immediately admitted to the Jackson Memorial, where he died.

The family of the victim decided today to suspend all therapy that would keep him artificially alive, local media said.
Lyle fled following the altercation, although that same day he was arrested and released on parole after paying bail of $ 5,000.

As the actor told the local press, he had left the scene because he “feared for the safety of his son” Mauro, 6, who was with him.
Lyle was charged with assault but received permission from the court in Miami to move to Mexico, where he had work commitments.

According to the arrest report cited by Telemundo, Lyle assaulted the victim after she claimed him, because the car in which the actor was as a copilot was crossed on the Dolphin Expressway.

The driver of the other vehicle got out of the car at a traffic light and claimed the other driver imprudently from the passenger window. It was at that moment that Lyle got out of the car and hit the man a punch in the face leaving him lying on the floor unconscious, indicates the report of the Police.

The date for your hearing before the judge is May 1 and the death of Hernandez can cause the charges to be more serious.
Upon his arrival in Mexico, the 32-year-old actor said that “I can not speak at all about it, I can not touch the subject (…)”.
“Right now I can not talk about it, there will be someone in charge of talking about it later, for obvious reasons I can not touch the subject … If I could talk I would have already done it, I can not do it,” he insisted.

The actor was announced with a participation in the teleserie “Postal Code”, in 2006.
Since then, he has continued to work on Televisa telenovelas, including “Una familia con suerte”, “La sombra del pasado” and “Mi Adorable Curse” (EFEUSA).

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