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Hospitalized after suffering a hundred bee stings in Florida

 Miami – A man living in the town of Viera, on the east coast of Florida, had to be hospitalized after suffering about a hundred bee stings when he tried to protect his dog from the attack of insects, reported Tuesday local medium

The incident occurred on Monday, when a man, whose identity was not disclosed, left his home to try to protect his pet from a bee attack and suffered multiple bites in the attempt, picked up the local channel WFTV9.

The man had to be admitted to hospital urgently, where he recovered from the bites, while the dog died as a result of the massive attack.
Apparently the experts determined that more than a thousand bees have apiaries very close to the man’s house, in Brevard County.

“When a bee stings you, the bite releases a pheromone that tells the rest of the bees that there is a problem and that makes you all attack,” said Leo Cross, the expert from Florida Wildlife Trappers who examined the place. of the event and is trying to eradicate the dangerous hives. (EFEUSA)

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