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López Obrador defends the cordial relationship with Trump after 100 days of mandate

Mexico, .- The president of Mexico, the leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador, defended Monday to have maintained a “cordial relationship” with his US counterpart, Donald Trump, during his first 100 days at the head of the Latin American country.

“The relationship with the United States Government has been cordial, not accusatory or harsh language is used, but diplomacy and permanent communication,” said the Mexican president in an official ceremony to assess his management since taking office on 1 last December.

López Obrador, who also leads the leftist Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (Morena), argued that his government “is not in favor of the use of force to contain migration” but of “addressing the causes that originate it” such as violence and lack of employment.

Therefore, said his Executive wants to cooperate with the US Government, which has the “commitment” to invest at least 2,500 million dollars in Central American countries and 4,800 million in Mexico to boost economic development.

“This policy is part of the proposal to create a curtain of development to make migration voluntary, not an act forced by lack and insecurity,” he said before his cabinet, deputies, senators, magistrates and governors.

Likewise, without making explicit reference to the Venezuelan crisis, he reiterated that the position of the Mexican Government in the international arena is to respect the “self-determination of peoples”, as well as the promotion of human rights and peace.

Mexico is one of the few Latin American countries that continue to recognize the Government of Nicolás Maduro as head of Venezuela and López Obrador has repeatedly defended that the Venezuelan crisis must be solved by the Venezuelans themselves.

On the other hand, the president announced that by the middle of this year will be ready “the indispensable legal framework to carry out the fourth transformation of the public life of the country,” concept with which defines his work of Government, which considers heiress of the independence, the liberal reforms of the nineteenth century and the Mexican Revolution.

López Obrador said that this transformation of the country, which aims to eradicate corruption and violence, does not require a new Constitution but several constitutional reforms.

In this regard, he recalled that Congress has already approved the creation of the National Guard, a new public security corps formed by police and military, as well as a criminal reform that establishes corruption and theft of fuel as serious crimes that merit imprisonment. preventive

He also explained that work is underway on a legal reform to eliminate the president’s jurisdiction so that he can be tried for corruption, and it is intended to promote more citizen consultations to consolidate direct democracy.

After losing the presidential elections in 2006 and 2012 amid accusations of electoral fraud, López Obrador finally won the elections on July 1, 2018 with 53% of the vote, becoming the first leftist president in decades.

The president has reached 100 days of government with a record popularity and approval of 80% of Mexicans, according to several polls published in recent days. (EFE)

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