New Mexico Senate approves minimum wage for domestic employees

New Mexico Senate approves minimum wage for domestic employees The "Women Seeking Justice Committee" was presented on Monday, February 7, to a public hearing in Montgomery County, Maryland (USA), to testify to the abuse that domestic workers suffer, and to demand that a project be approved. law to protect your rights. EFE / Archive

The New Mexico Senate today approved a bill that guarantees domestic employees a minimum wage and eliminates their exclusion from state wage laws, as was done at the federal level.

SB 85, ​​sponsored by Senator Liz Stefanics and Representative Christine Trujillo, points out that historically, domestic workers have been excluded from many labor protections and have few resources when they are not paid.

“Everyone deserves to be paid a fair wage for their work,” said Stephanie Welch, a supervising attorney with the New Mexico Law and Poverty Center.

“SB 85 would eliminate the archaic and discriminatory treatment in labor protections in New Mexico so that people who work hard in other people’s homes, doing cleaning or as caretakers, receive fair treatment and have where to go when they are not.” .

New Mexico law generally requires employers to pay their employees the minimum wage and overtime, maintain records and pay their wages in full and on time.

However, like other wage laws enacted in the 1930s, it excluded job categories that are typically performed by women.

“Domestic workers deserve the same protections as other workers,” said Adrienne R. Smith, of the New Mexico Caregivers Coalition. (AZ), (EFEUSA) .-


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