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Florida jail for passenger for joking about fake bomb in airplane

 A Canadian passenger was arrested at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport (southeast Florida) for making a “stupid joke” about a bomb in a bag on an Air Canada flight bound for Montreal, local media reported today.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, when Natalie Tremblay, 53, was with her boyfriend aboard a plane bound for Canada and a stewardess took a black bag from a baggage compartment, because it did not close well.

According to the arrest report, the stewardess lowered the bag from the compartment and then asked the passengers to whom the luggage belonged, at which time Trembely joked saying “There is a bomb inside” and laughed, a comment that her boyfriend he reproached him.

Immediately the stewardess informed the pilot of the device of the incident, and, shortly after, the authorities ordered the evacuation of the flight and the closing of the terminal while the Police and an equipment of artificieros investigated if it was a credible threat.

The woman acknowledged to the authorities, after being questioned, that she had made a “stupid joke” about a bomb to the stewardess of the plane.

Tremblay, who faces charges for making a false bomb threat, was arrested and taken to a Broward County jail and placed on $ 5,000 bail. (EFEUSA) .-

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