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The Pentagon sees Iran and North Korea as possible rivals in space

 The government considers Iran and North Korea as two possible adversaries to beat in the event of an armed conflict whose outcome depends on the domain of space, according to a document released today by the Pentagon.

Under the title “Challenges to security in space”, the report prepared by the Intelligence Agency of the Department of Defense includes Tehran and Pyonyang in the list of four possible rivals that Washington should face in case of an attack that puts endangering its space resources.

The other two adversaries would be Russia and China, whose recent advances in the field of space technology have led the White House to advocate the creation of a Special Force, whose sole function would be to protect the devices of the country that orbit the Land.

Although the document points out that neither Iran nor North Korea currently have the capacity to pose an imminent threat, the Pentagon believes that both nations recognize “the strategic value” of the space and would try to “prevent its use” if a conflict

In the Iranian case, Washington sees that Tehran can block its satellite communications, but believes that it lacks the launching capacity needed to place its own devices in outer space.

“Their space launch vehicles (SLV) are only capable of propelling microsatellites into a low Earth orbit and are unreliable,” the text states.

As for North Korea, Washington denounces that Pionyang has both non-kinetic resources, which would allow it to attack its GPS systems or the communication of its satellites, as well as intercontinental ballistic missiles, which “in theory” could reach the systems deployed beyond of the troposphere.

“The advantage that the United States has in space – and its apparent dependence on it – will lead other agents to improve their infrastructure to access and operate at a spatial level,” the report concludes. (EFEUSA) .-

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