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Zuckerberg is set as 2019 challenge to discuss technology problems

The co-founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said today that he has set as a challenge for this 2019 “debate in public” on the problems of technology, after last year his company was involved in many controversies.

“My challenge for 2019 is to maintain a series of public debates about the future of technology in society: opportunities, challenges, hopes and concerns,” Zuckerberg said in an entry on his personal social network page.

In 2018, the co-founder of the company based in Menlo Park (California, USA) set out to “solve” the problems of Facebook, a major challenge that ended up proving extremely difficult.

Among the numerous controversies that affected the company last year include the revelation that the British consultancy Cambridge Analytica used an application to collect millions of data from Facebook users without their consent for political purposes, and the admission by the social network that hackers stole personal data from 30 million accounts.

These two cases were the most talked about, but 2018 was a year in which the internet platform made news for one or another scandal almost every week, one of the most recent being the publication by The New York Times that the chief The company’s operations, Sheryl Sandberg, ordered its employees to investigate the financial interests of tycoon George Soros.

During this 2019, Zuckerberg wants to “speak with leaders, experts and people from the community of different fields”, and assured that these conversations can be followed through his personal Facebook or Instagram account.

“It will be interesting intellectually, but it also includes a personal challenge, I am an engineer and I was used to building my ideas and letting them speak for themselves, but given the importance of what we do (on Facebook), it is clear that Enough, “he said.

“So I’m going to publicly expose more of what I like and I will be active in these debates about the future, the sacrifices we face and where we want to go,” he added.

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