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The murder of politicians in Mexico increased 55% in 2018

The murder of politicians in Mexico increased by 55% in 2018 by registering 159 victims compared to 102 that occurred in 2017, the Etellekt consultancy said in the annual report of its Political Violence Indicator.

Of the 159 murders, 23 corresponded to women and 136 to men, said the report that recorded data from January 1 to December 31, 2018.

Of that total, 112 murders occurred within the electoral campaign (September 8, 2017 to July 1, 2018), while the remaining 47 took place in the transition phase (July 2 to November 30).

In a year of high political activity due to the presidential election of July 1, the report revealed that there were 914 assaults or criminal behaviors that threatened the physical and psychological integrity of politicians, including 159 homicides.

In addition to 345 threats and intimidations, 144 intentional injuries (without a firearm), 74 attacks against family members with a record of 67 relatives killed, 70 attempts of homicide with a firearm, 46 kidnappings and illegal deprivation of liberty, 45 robberies with and without violence and 31 malicious injuries with a firearm.

The aggressions occurred in the 32 states and in 514 municipalities of the country.

The consultant stressed that political violence was “directed against opponents” since 79% of global aggressions and 66% of murders against politicians were directed against opponents.

He pointed out that homicides against politicians were concentrated in states in the center and south of the country, 134 of the 159 murders, with Guerrero (26) and Oaxaca (24) as the states with the highest number of murders.

They were followed by Puebla and Michoacán (15 each), the State of Mexico (12) and Veracruz (10). In the north of the country, the state of Chihuahua registered 8 cases.

Violence against politicians was centered at the municipal level since 82% of politicians who lost their lives in attacks during 2018 were municipal-level politicians, from mayors, aldermen, trustees, ex-alcaldes, leaders and militants of municipal party committees and candidates for municipal election posts.

The report pointed out that last year 11 elected and elected mayors lost their lives, which made it the second most violent year for the aediles in the last two sexenios, only below the 15 ediles assassinated in 2010, during the Government of Felipe Calderón (2006-2012).

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