Adamari López returns to work after a flu that could cost him his life

The Puerto Rican Adamari Lopez returned today to the morning program of the Telemundo chain “A new day” after an absence of almost three months for complications of a flu that made her fear for her life and forced her to remain hospitalized for six weeks.

“I had my lungs compromised,” the actress and host on the television program explained today. “In the hospital they treated me like a person who has AIDS in a terminal state.”

Lopez, 47, reported how she self-medicated with antibiotics to take a pleasure trip to Jamaica and another to work in New York, and finally decided to go to the emergency room when she almost fainted in the park when she was alone with her daughter. three years.

“I only remember arriving at the hospital parking lot,” he acknowledged in an interview with his companion in “A new day” Rashel Díaz, in which he explained that the treatment included total isolation and deep sedation for 21 days.

According to the diagnosis, the influenza was complicated by toxoplasmosis that affected his lungs even more.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 40 million Americans have the toxoplasma parasite, which causes the disease, but few have symptoms.

Lopez, who started on television in her childhood and became known in Latin America for her participation in iconic soap operas as “Amigas y rivales”, said she had more options to die this time than the breast cancer she suffered 12 years ago. years.

“I was very delicate,” he acknowledged, underlining that, like many women, he did not take care of his health as he should. “I hope I learned the lesson this time.”

He also acknowledged that the recovery process was very hard physically and emotionally, which ensures that he changed the perspective of life and has motivated him to make important changes, including his civil status.

Although he has had a seven-year relationship with the Spanish dancer and choreographer Toni Costa, and three years since he agreed to engage with him in marriage, Lopez had refused to set a date for the wedding “out of fear”.

His first marriage with singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi ended badly, a process he described in his first book, “Viviendo.” However, seeing how Costa took care of her and her daughter decided to “live love without fearing tomorrow,” he said. (EFEUSA) .-


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