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Friend of murdered Mexican activist accuses ex-government of Chiapas

Nathaniel Hernández, director of the Digno Ochoa Human Rights Center and fellow murdered activist Sinar Corzo, said today that former leaders of the Mexican state of Chiapas and the municipality of Arriaga are responsible.

The activist also told Efe that Corzo “had already received several death threats” from the team of ex-governor of Chiapas Manuel Velasco, from the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM).
And he considered that the way in which the crime was perpetrated is a “perfect disguise”, since the murder could happen through common delinquency.

According to the Attorney General of the State of Chiapas, the incident took place at 9:40 local time on Thursday (03.40 GMT Friday) in a street in Arriaga, when a man shot at the human rights defender, who lost his life in the place of events.
During the mandate of Velasco (2012-2018), Sinar Corzo denounced several acts of corruption.

“It strikes us that it was after he left office (Velasco Coello),” said Hernandez, who reiterated that the crime can be “unpunished” to be investigated as a common crime.

He also added that “at no time had Sinar been threatened by civilians or had any situation with problems with individuals.”
Reason by which it indicates that “the situation falls directly on the authorities of the government of Chiapas”.

According to Hernández, from the Digno Ochoa Human Rights Center they are optimistic of faces to the clarification of the crime.

“We are going to demand that the Attorney General of the State of Chiapas conduct the investigations and punish those responsible, and we trust that the authorities will do their job,” he said.
Before dying, the activist had a meeting with the municipal government of Arriaga, a town of about 24,500 inhabitants.

Among his actions to defend human rights, Corzo headed several years ago a movement with which he opposed the demolition of a market, facing the rulers of the municipality.

As a result of this event, in 2015 the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) issued a recommendation against the then governor Manuel Velasco Coello and members of the Arriaga City Council, for the arrest and ill-treatment received by Corzo, as a community leader and others citizens.

Today, the Commission condemned the events that occurred and expressed its condolences and solidarity to the victim’s relatives through a communiqué.
He also indicated that personnel of the agency will be transferred to the municipality of Arriaga in order to carry out the first steps and to obtain the corresponding information. (EFEUSA) .-

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