Castella goes out the big door and goes to the trophy in Cali

The French bullfighter Sebastián Castella cut three ears in the third run of fertilizer of the Fair of Cali and opened the big door of the square of Cañaveralejo.

The Colombian Luis Bolivar cut two appendices. Antonio Ferrera went blank. The confinement of Ernesto Gutiérrez Arango was marked by bravery and nobility.
Race file:

Six bulls of the livestock Ernesto Gutiérrez Arango, well presented. Blessed the second of the afternoon called ‘Apothecary’. Palmas for third and fifth, who had mobility, as well as the sixth. First and fourth, meek.

Antonio Ferrera, turquoise and gold. Three punctures and a whole sword. Palms Sword and division of opinions.
Sebastián Castella, pure and gold, two symbolic ears after pardon. Puncture, swords and ear.

Luis Bolívar, blue king and gold, prick and whole, ear.

The French bullfighter Sebastian Castella sells on the shoulders of the bullring. Ernesto Gutiérrez, in the street of bulls of Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. EFE

Castella pardons and quotes high in Cali Fair
And it was apotheosis. It happened in the second of the afternoon, named ‘Apothecary’, number 89 of the Manizales cattle ranch, with 524 kilos of weight. Fine bull outside and inside with which Castella Castella made the bullfighting in the broad sense of the term, with a maximum point, that of the long and deep natural.

The request for pardon was made clamor and the Presidency granted that maximum mutual trophy, with the, until then, best faena of the fair.

And in case there was something else to do, in the fifth of the afternoon, Castella repeated the dose with a bull of old stamp, which he put in his uncle alive, despite the difficulties he taught, because he was face up and had a tendency to look for where to escape. Ear.

In the third, this thread of continuity was maintained in terms of quality and interest. Quality of Gutiérrez bull to go with nobility and response ditto of Luis Bolivar, who was firm and bossy to flirt, while making the times an ally in pursuit of duration as a goal.

A prick deprived him of both ears. But that one, granted by the box, was worth it, was won to law.

In the sixth, Bolívar knew to be above the harsh conditions of the unit. First, and after a colorful coat luck, with crutch always put to make it enter its jurisdiction. And then, when the bull went to the tables, with firmness and trade. Ear, after a great thrust.

In which he opened the bullfight, Antonio Ferrera was forced to pose a task of care and assistance to a meek only worried about hiding inside. Only there, sheltered from the tables, the bull followed the flights of the crutch. Punctures preceded the greeting to which they forced the Spanish bullfighter.

And in the room it was evident that Ferrera had stayed in the draw with the least good. A gentleman, with different expressions in front of the beginning, forced him to look for the sacrifice in the fight before the show. Division of opinions.


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