US coordinates with France and the Netherlands fight against drug trafficking in the Caribbean

 Maritime security forces from the United States, France and the Netherlands held a meeting in Miami to coordinate joint operations to fight drug trafficking in the Caribbean, the Coast Guard reported today.

The “trilateral meeting” had as its main goal “to coordinate a unified approach to counteract transnational criminal organizations,” according to a statement from the Seventh Coast Guard District, which hosted the meeting.

Officials of the French Naval Forces and customs authorities of that nation, as well as authorities of the Royal Navy of Holland and the Coast Guard of this country, attended this meeting, held at the air base of this district.

Commander Michael Vega, foreign policy adviser to the seventh district of the US Coast Guard, highlighted the trilateral meeting, which is “critical” to “ensure unity of effort” with partners in the Caribbean region, he said.

“We operate continuously every day with our French and Dutch teammates in our collective struggle against transnational criminal threats, which endanger our collective security and prosperity,” the official added in a statement released in the statement.

The seventh district of the Coast Guard deals with an area that includes Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and 34 foreign countries and territories. (EFEUSA) .-


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