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Photography and poetry help children from Brazil, Haiti and Venezuela from Miami

A group of Brazilians based in Miami have joined talent and generosity to raise funds for children from Venezuela, Haiti and Brazil through an exhibition that combines photography and poetry and opens Friday.

“Be the Message”, which will be shown at the Ovoo gallery in Wyndwood, Miami’s art district, shows photographs taken by fashion photographer Eduardo Negrão to people who have verses written by the poet written in their own skin Gabi Artz.

Negrão, who worked 17 years as an assistant to photographers Miro de Souza and Roberto Frankenberg, collaborated with Sebastião Salgado and has done work for magazines such as Vogue and Elle, told Efe that the project was designed by Amor Naïf, a Miami-based institution and dedicated to raising funds for charitable purposes through creative actions.

In this case the money comes from the people photographed, who paid more than $ 10,000 for posing for Negrão, serving as support for Artz’s poetry.
The project also contributes restaurants, stylists, hairdressers and media from the Brazilian community in Miami.

All the money raised goes to four non-governmental organizations working on behalf of children in Brazil, Haiti and Venezuela and with whom Amor Naïf collaborates.

Negrão says that he feels very satisfied to be able to help others through his 30 years of experience as a photographer and considers that “Be the Message” invites reflection and generosity through art, a model to follow.

“Everything we need fits in a hug”, can be read in the arms of a man and a woman photographed by Negrão with all the technique and style of a fashion photograph.

On the back of a beautiful woman the words “let love leave its mark always on me” combine with “Venezuela” written on the arm of the child to whom it bears.

Along the arm of a girl sitting on the skirt of his mother and along one leg of it is read: “All I want for you and me is love, peace and ubuntu (humanity).”

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