Johnny Ventura and Olga Tañón will participate in the fourth “Anniversary of Salsa”

Merengueros Johnny Ventura and Olga Tañón will participate in the fourth “Anniversary of the Salsa”, organized by the local radio station SalSoul, and will be dedicated to the legendary Puerto Rican salsa singers Willie Rosraio and Roberto Roena, for their respective careers.

The director of programming of the SalSoul radio station, José Nelson Díaz, said today in a press release, this year’s edition, which will be held on June 10, will also include the participation of Dominican Wilfrido Vargas and Joseph Fonseca, both from meringue

“Being able to have these great exponents on stage is a great achievement for us and for tropical music, it will be an event for all Puerto Ricans no matter what generation they belong to, come prepared to dance and enjoy,” said Díaz.

The show, which will be held at the Paquito Montaner Stadium in Ponce (south), will also include presentations by Sonora Ponceña, Tony Vega, Charlie Cruz and Pirulo and the Tribe.

Meanwhile, in the participation of Roena’s orchestra, he will be accompanied by his original singers, Papo Sánchez and Sammy “El Rolo” González.

Also, in the “Anniversary of the Salsa”, will participate Tito Rodriguez son, who will make a tribute commemorated the 45th anniversary of the departure of his father.


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