Puerto Rico, Mexico and Dominican will organize tournaments of 2020, 2021 and 2022

The Caribbean Series of 2020 will be played in Puerto Rico, the 2021 in Mexico and the 2022 in the Dominican Republic, announced on Tuesday the president of the Confederation of Professional Baseball of the Caribbean, Juan Francisco Puello.

The Venezuelan city of Barquisimeto remains the site of the version that will be held next year, the source added.

“These are the countries that are listed, unless there is a change in the cycle, as happened with Venezuela that could not assemble it in 2018 and that’s why it was brought to Guadalajara, but the next one is in Barquisimeto,” said Puello.

The designation of the venues will be officialized this Thursday in Guadalajara.

“Have the full assurance that except an act of God, and God will free us from that, we will celebrate the Caribbean Series, there is no doubt about that,” he added.

Puello gave as an example the Puerto Rico league tournament, which was aimed at not being celebrated due to the disasters caused by Hurricane Maria, but the Confederation helped to develop it in a reduced way, “but it was played under special conditions, it was a success and that’s why Puerto Rico is in the current Caribbean Series. ”

In the case of the Dominican Republic, whose last organized series took place in Santo Domingo in 2016, they questioned Puello if six years were not a long waiting period, and the leader said that “it is a matter to be discussed at the level of the Confederation and that the Dominican League will rule, if necessary. ”

The Dominican director said that the entity in charge does not work with a plan B for the next Caribbean Series 2019, in the Venezuelan city of Barquisimeto.

He ruled out a possible organization in Mexico for the third consecutive year and stated that as long as Cuba does not resolve its political problems with the United States, it will not be able to organize the competition that is being held this sixtieth edition in this capital.

The executive recalled that in 2019 the responsibility will be from Venezuela, while Puerto Rico “has shown that it has a very big heart and already manifested the challenge of taking it in 2020 and will return to Mexico, in Mazatlan, in 2021.”


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