One ear for Andy Cartagena and one for Hernández Gárate in Mérida

The rejoneadores Andy Cartagena, Spanish, and Hernández Gárate, Mexican, cut an ear each in the run of rejones held today in the Plaza de Mérida, in the state of Yucatan (southeast of Mexico), while also the Mexican Horacio Casas He had a bad performance.

With three quarters of entry, four bulls from San Martin, one from San Miguel de Mimiahuapam and another from Begoña, were fought.

Cartagena, in the first one had a lucid job to harvest an ear, and in the fourth he was ovated.

Hernández Gárate, palms in the second and very successful in the fifth to obtain an appendix.

Houses, silence in the third and also in the sixth after two notices.

Without trophies in mixed race of Lerdo in charge of Saldívar, Castrillán and Gilio

He finished without trophies the mixed celebration today in the Plaza de Lerdo, in the state of Durango (northern Mexico), which included the Mexican Arturo Saldivar, the Venezuelan Luis Miguel Castrillán and the Mexican bullfighter Arturo Gilio.

With two thirds of entry, four bulls of Corlomé and two young bulls of Pepe Garfias, who only met.

Saldivar, dressed in the first, killed badly and went around the ring. In the fourth of the afternoon he was cheered.

Castrillón, cheered in the second, heard palms in which he made fifth.
Gilio, in the third sparkle of good quality and back to the ring; and in the sixth silence.


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