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The trade deficit increased to 43.5 billion dollars in September

The deficit in trade in goods and services in the country increased to 43.5 billion dollars in September, 700 million dollars more than the previous month, reported today the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce.

According to official figures, this increase was due to a higher increase in imports, although exports of industrial supplies and materials reached 38.4 billion dollars, the highest level since December 2014.
The figure of the deficit in August was also revised upward and stood at 42,800 million dollars.

In September, exports reached 196,800 million dollars, 2,100 million more than in August, while imports stood at 240,300 million dollars, 2,800 million more than in the previous month.

The figures for September also reflect an increase of 600 million dollars in the deficit in trade in goods abroad, which reached 65,400 million, as well as a reduction in the surplus that traditionally has the exchange of services, which fell to 21,900 million ( 200 million less).

So far this year, the trade deficit in goods and services has increased 34.5 billion dollars in relation to the same period of 2016, equivalent to 9.3%.

This is due to increases in both imports, which increased by 93,000 million dollars, equivalent to 5.6%, and exports, which rose 127.5 billion dollars or 6.3% over the previous year.

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