Dominican Republic calls for special fund to deal with catastrophes

The Dominican Republic insisted today at the UN on the need to create a special fund to face natural disasters, while calling for “coherence” to fight against climate change.

“It is not enough to send messages of solidarity or humanitarian aid when the consequences of these phenomena have already occurred,” Dominican Minister of Foreign Affairs Miguel Vargas told the UN General Assembly today.

“And it is not enough, of course, to sign agreements on climate change,” added Vargas.

The Dominican minister referred to the effects of the “devastating season” of hurricanes that has affected the Caribbean region and those of the two most recent earthquakes in Mexico.

According to data provided by Vargas, the material damage produced only by the current hurricane season throughout the region “far exceeds the gross domestic product of the Dominican Republic.”

“The vulnerability of the Caribbean and our Dominican Republic poses a risk that we can not face alone,” added the Dominican Foreign Minister.

He called on the UN General Assembly to “join forces in the face of these threats,” on issues such as the fight against climate change.

“It is urgent and necessary to be consistent with these agreements, to advance in a joint agenda and to implement concrete actions,” said Vargas.

The minister said that his country again brings to the UN General Assembly “the proposal to create a special fund to deal with this type of catastrophe, and for prevention and early warning.”

“We are concerned, therefore, that phenomena similar to these or even stronger, caused by climate change, delay ten years or more to our country and others in the Caribbean region on the road to its development,” said Vargas.

“It’s not something we can take lightly,” he added.


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