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The luxurious film life of Secretary Mnuchin and his wife irritates the US.

Ordering a military plane for the honeymoon in the Mediterranean, traveling to Kentucky to observe a total solar eclipse, or boasting of luxurious clothing brands on social networks, are some of the controversial activities of US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and his wife, actress Louise Linton.

The career of Mnuchin, 54, with an estimated fortune of more than 300 million dollars, links success after success and is worth filming.

He started in the late 1980s as a Wall Street banker with investment firm Goldman Sachs and later moved to California to start a film production company at the turn of the century, funding successes such as “Avatar” (2009) and ” American Sniper “(2014).

Then in 2016, he decided to test in politics and joined Donald Trump’s election campaign as chief financial officer. Following the unexpected victory of the controversial New York magnate, he received the offer to become Treasury Secretary.

In Washington, he bought a $ 8 million mansion in the Kalorama neighborhood, where Ivanka Trump and Barack Obama live, and formalized his relationship with the Scottish actress Louise Linton, whom he met in his Hollywood years.

At the wedding in June, the third for the groom and the second for the bride, came President Trump and much of the US government.

Mnuchin thus fulfilled the passage by Wall Street, Hollywood and Washington, three of the main centers of power of the USA.

Perhaps because of his lack of political experience, however, his landing in the US capital has not been easy for a person accustomed to the honeys of triumph.

Controversy began when it was learned that Mnuchin and his wife moved to Louisville, Kentucky, in August, on the excuse of attending an event with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

The trip began with a bad foot when Linton published in his account of Instagram a photograph descending of the official airplane and remarking the marks of the exclusive garments that took, like Hermès, Tom Ford or Valentino.

“Great day trip to Kentucky, the most pleasant people, beautiful scenery,” he wrote.

The image of Linton burned social networks for their ostentation. Instead of easing tension with apologies or silence, he vehemently replied to the accusations and urged one of his critics to “calm down and see the new episode of Game of Thrones.”

In addition, local media reported that the visit coincided with the day that a total solar eclipse occurred that toured part of the United States. and generated great expectation.

Louisville was one of the best places in the country to contemplate the astronomical phenomenon, since the complete path of the eclipse passed precisely through the city.

Mnuchin showed his status as Treasury Secretary and moved to Fort Knox, where much of the US gold reserves are located, to contemplate along with his wife the eclipse from the roof of the facilities that house ingots of the precious metal worth more than 180,000 million dollars.

The excuse of the head of finance of the world’s first economy did not help to reduce the tensions: he simply let himself be carried away.

“You know, people in Kentucky took this very seriously, but being a New Yorker, I was, eclipse? Really? I have no interest in seeing the eclipse,” he explained this week in an interview with the Political portal .

In case his image of a millionaire far from the problems of the citizens had not already been damaged, last Wednesday it was revealed that Mnuchin had requested a military airplane for his honeymoon with Linton in the Mediterranean in the end of August.

Although the petition was eventually dismissed, the secretary insisted that it was a question of “national security”, since, as a member of the National Security Council, he had to have a “secure communication” mechanism.

The Scottish actress did not comment on what happened but she did publish on her Instagram a smiling video, played with a pamela, of a boat ride with her husband along the French coast.

Like his wife, Mnuchin also turned to social networks for a response that did not show precisely humility.

“I did not travel on a military plane for my honeymoon, and if I had I would have paid for it,” he wrote in his Twitter account while also marking what happened “false news”, referring to the president’s famous dart Trump to critical media.

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