Trump defends his daughter to replace him at the G20 leadership table

President Donald Trump today defended his daughter Ivanka, who is also his adviser, to temporarily replace him at the G20 leaders’ summit in Hamburg, Germany, after numerous comments.

“When I left the Conference Room for short meetings with Japan and other countries, I asked Ivanka to take the seat.” Very common, Angela M. (Merkel) agrees! “Trump explained through his personal account Twitter.

Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter and adviser to the president, sat in the place reserved for her father at the summit’s main table on Saturday when the president temporarily absent himself from the plenary session to attend the scheduled bilateral meetings.

It is usual that in this type of meetings some high position occupies of temporary form the position of a head of State or Government when this one is not present, not to leave empty the seat.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, when asked about it, indicated that it falls within the competence of each delegation to decide which of its members replaces the president in case of absence.

“It’s obvious that Ivanka works in the White House,” Merkel said.

Meanwhile, in another tweet, Trump suggested that the media’s comments would be very different if the protagonists had been his Democratic rival in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton, and her daughter, Chelsea.

In that case, the “Fake News”, as Trump calls the majority of the main US media, would already be promoting a candidacy of Chelsea Clinton to the White House, according to the president.


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