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Vuelquez launches match without a hit and Pujols reaches 600 homers

Dominican starter Edinson Volquez made history in the majors and hoarded the reflectors of the majors by launching the best game of his life and achieving the first game without a hit so far this season.

His compatriot designated hitter Albert Pujols also stood out in a special way with the tolete when slamming grand slam and besides being his homeroom number 600 as a professional.

Volquez, who worked all nine innings, scored the Miami Marlins’ 3-0 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Then he had thought to get off the mound in the fifth episode due to an ankle pain, but in the end he released the best game of his life.

Volquez threw the sixth game without a hit in the Marlins’ history, against the minimum of 27 batters, striking out 10 and taking two walks.

The Dominican, who said that as he passed the seventh inning he felt he would hit the no-hit, needed 98 shipments to achieve the feat, 65 perfect, and left his 3.79 effectiveness to be effective.
Volquez achieved the feat against 21,548 attendees at Marlins Park, in game of 2:31 hours.

He hit the first no-hitter in the season and gave the Diamondbacks their first loss of form since Anibal Sanchez did it on Sept. 6, 2006.

Volquez, 33, was one of the pitchers the Marlins signed during the winter break to fill the void caused by the death of Cuban star Jose Fernandez, who died in a boat accident last September.

The Dominican right-hander had already approached the story by throwing a one-game play for the San Diego Padres against the Houston Astros on July 19, 2012, when his only flaw was to accept unstoppable Matt Downs.

In 2014, when he approached to throw without a hit for the Pirates of Pittsburgh, accepted unstoppable of Devin Mesoraco in the seventh one.

For Volquez, the Marlins are their seventh team in 13 seasons in the majors, and a 91-86 record lifetime winner.

In 2015 he helped the Kansas City Royals win the World Series title after opening the first game on the day his father died.

For the Marlins it was the first game without a hit since Henderson Alvarez of Venezuela pitched one against the Detroit Tigers on the final day of the regular season of the 2013 championship.

Pujols hit a grand slam in the Los Angeles Angels’ 7-2 win over the Minnesota Twins.

Pujols (9) threw her in the fourth episode, with the full house and two outs in the episode. He hit 1 of 4 and drove in four and scored one, leaving .249 to his effectiveness.

He also became the ninth player in league history to reach the 600 homers as a professional after he connected in the fourth episode his fellow countryman pitcher Ervin Santana who sent the ball over the left field fence of Angel Stadium .

The batazo is a new brand in the 17 years of Pujols’ career, who was selected thirteenth in the college draw and became one of the great sluggers of his generation.

The 37-year-old Dominican is the fourth-youngest player to earn 600 home runs, behind compatriot Alex Rodriguez, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.
Pujols, who said he never thinks about the stats but wins the team, joins Barry Bonds and Aaron as the only 600 homers and 600 doubles.

Pujols wanted to make it clear that he respected the story, but did not want to see it as a distraction while he was a professional.

First baseman Yonder Alonso threw the Oakland Athletics 10-4 over the Washington Nationals in interleague play.
Alonso (16) hit in the seventh against the relay Jacob Turner, with a runner ahead, with no outs.

Nominated hitter Nelson Cruz (13) hit a home run that helped the Seattle Mariners win the Tampa Bay Rays 9-2, and did it in the fifth, alone, with one out.

Second baseman Starlin Castro (9) homered alone against Jason Grilli and the New York Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays 7-0.

Paracorto Boricua Javier Báez (9) threw the ball out of the park in the third episode without runners in circulation and helped the Chicago Cubs win the San Luis Cardinals 5-3.

He won the Venezuelan relay Héctor Rondón (1-1) in one episode, striking out one.
While Puerto Rican receiver Yadier Molina (6) connected in the sixth, solitary bambinazo, with two outs on the board.

Second-seeded Jose Altuve (8) set the Houston Astros’ 6-5 win over the Texas Rangers, who tried to come up with an 1-5 scoreline by lone solo homer in the ninth against the reliever Keone Kela.

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