Immigrants protest at ICE office in Florida for “silent raids”

A group of immigrants today came to an immigration office in Miramar, north of Miami, to denounce that in that dependency they have been arrested undocumented who go to do regular procedures in what they call “silent raids”.

One by one, the undocumented people reported that they fled their countries for fear of violence and now face the fear of approaching those offices of the USCIS because they know they will no longer go home.

“I came to the United States to save my life and that of my son,” said Jenny, a Salvadoran immigrant who was accompanied by the child.

The event was organized by United We Dream, SEIU Florida, Woman Working Together USA and Florida Immigrant Coalition, among other civil groups who denounced these “silent raids” as they call this new practice under the government of Donald Trump.

The organizations denounced that they are detaining and deporting immigrants even though they have no criminal record.

“They come (to the appointment) because they know that they are not criminals and condemn them here,” said one of the undocumented.

Ana, who prefers not to give her last name, said she and her husband René are desperate because he soon has a USCIS date, which they believe will not go home, leaving her in the care of his four children.

The activists denounced the recent deportation of Nicaraguans Espilvio Sánchez-Benavidez, an asylum seeker, and Charles Rodríguez, who were detained in that federal agency.


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