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Ivanka Trump says her father and Merkel connected “incredibly well”

Ivanka Trump, adviser and daughter of US President Donald Trump, says her father and German Chancellor Angela Merkel “understood each other incredibly well” In their first meeting in Washington a month ago.

Their statements, part of an interview released today by the German public television “ZDF”, contrast with the press conference they offered both in March at the White House, where they showed their different positions in areas such as foreign trade, immigration or Spending on defense.

“She and my father understood each other incredibly well, and in spite of their different opinions, there was a sincere debate, and that’s fine, they had very sincere and open conversations, I hope it’s the beginning of a very friendly relationship that is becoming closer,” He assured.

The president’s daughter noted that Merkel is “a great woman”, “pioneer” in the world of politics, “with incredible talent” and “everyone can learn something.”

Ivanka Trump, who gave this interview during her visit to Berlin to participate in a summit on women and economics, was also questioned about her father’s misogynist comments that leaked during the election campaign and for which she had to listen to some boos yesterday In the discussion forum in which he participated.

“My father does not have any hair on his tongue, he speaks often, but he is also affectionate and empathetic,” said the daughter and adviser to the president, noting that he did not know what comments the journalist was referring to.

He added that “US voters” have felt that Donald Trump says “truth without filters” and feel that he speaks directly to them.

“Voters know, as before, why they are willing to fight and that they will be the first in that fight,” he added.

With regard to the inclusion of women in the economic world, Ivanka Trump indicated that “much work is ahead” in terms of “market access, capital and networks”, as well as female participation in technical and Scientists.

Equalization, he continued, is “critical” for everyone and has “decisive significance” because women have “undoubtedly enormous potential” on the economic level, argued the daughter of the billionaire real estate tycoon.

During the debate yesterday, Merkel advanced her intention to launch within the G20 a fund to facilitate access to credit for women in developing countries, an initiative supported by Ivanka Trump.

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