The evaluations of the prototypes of the border wall begin

The eight prototypes of the border wall between Mexico and the States promised by President Donald Trump are already being evaluated, a Border Patrol...

US officials discuss idea of ​​possible attack on Pyongyang, says WSJ

US government officials are debating the possibility of launching a limited attack on North Korea without triggering a war on the Korean peninsula, reports...

Papadopoulos says that Sessions was excited about the Trump-Putin meeting

George Papadopoulos, ex-adviser of the election campaign of the now-president of the United States, Donald Trump, said in...

The war in Afghanistan will cost the US 45 billion dollars. this 2018

The Pentagon today estimated that the war in Afghanistan will cost about US $ 45 billion to US taxpayers this 2018. Undersecretary of Defense for...

Xapawiyemeta, the indigenous sacred center threatened by tourism in Mexico

Xapawiyemeta is the place where rain was born and humanity emerged after the universal flood, according to the belief of the Mexican...

Maritime blockade against North Korea, on Vancouver’s summit agenda

The foreign ministers of the group of allied countries that fought in the Korean War between 1950 and 1953 against the Soviet bloc meet...

The G7 Summit ends with minimum agreements after arduous negotiations

The 44th G7 Summit ended in the Canadian town of La Malbaie with an "agreement to disagree" between the United States and its partners...

Suspect in Berlin market attack shot dead

The man suspected in an attack that killed 12 and injured dozens of others, including two Americans, at a Christmas market in Berlin was...

Sirens alert for a possible nuclear attack will sound again in Hawaii

Nearly three decades after the end of the Cold War, anti-aircraft sirens will sound again in Hawaii after the authorities decided to return to...

Sex, weapons and Google Translate: this is how the Russian agent arrested

Offering sex in exchange for advantages in an espionage operation, closer ties with a powerful defense group of weapons or the use of the...

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