Haiti will hold the constitutional referendum and general elections on September 26

The electoral authorities of Haiti have reported this Monday that the presidential and legislative lessons and the constitutional referendum will take place on September 26.

The Provisional Electoral Council has published a new calendar for these appointments, an announcement that is made while experiencing a critical situation in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, which is mired in violence.

The draft electoral decree on the next general elections will be sent to the Executive to be published in the official gazette, while the parties have until July 6 to register, reports the local Juno 7 media.

The electoral campaign for the first round of the presidential and legislative elections will thus begin on August 26, while the second round will take place on November 21. The municipal elections will be delayed, for their part, until January 16 of next year, closing the electoral process with the publication of the results on February 5.

Regarding the constitutional referendum, a new date is thus set after the postponements suffered, the last one due to the situation of COVID-19 in the country, which prevented this vote from being held on June 27.

For that date, the start of a ‘road map’ for the transition was planned, defended by the Haitian president, Jovenel Moise, who governs by decree due to the absence of an elected Parliament.

Haiti is experiencing a long crisis triggered at the beginning of the year since the opposition claimed that Moise’s term expired on February 7. The president maintains that the term did not begin to run until valid elections were held and that, therefore, he has the right to remain in office until February 2022.

In the referendum, which should have already been held months before, Haitians are called to vote on the draft for a new Constitution that would establish a presidential regime.

Moise’s ‘roadmap’ also proposed presidential and parliamentary elections in September – now announced -, which in principle the current president will not attend.


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