A turtle uses its shell to protect itself from the attack of a jaguar


The jaguar is the largest feline in the American continent and the third in the world followed by the tiger and the lion and feeds on all kinds of animals: turtles, frogs, alligators and even monkeys.

For this type of animal, eating a turtle, although it is much slower than the jaguar, can be somewhat complicated due to the shell they have.

Graham Boulnois and his wife Jenny Varley were in the Pantanal Matogrossense National Park in Brazil when they saw how a hungry jaguar tries to eat a turtle.

However, the red-footed tortoise, who was at a nearby watering hole to quench its thirst, upon seeing the jaguar approach, decided to hide its head and limbs inside its shell.

The decision of the turtle made the jaguar give up and leave with an empty stomach in search of a new prey.

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