The small difference

The power within you, The Fenix Bird

Story: Knowing or not knowing

A walker arrived at a town where the performance of the “wonderful man” was announced, a character that, according to the town crier, was capable of performing miracles.

The traveler placed himself in a privileged position to see the number, and, having begun this, he observed that, in effect, that man performed prodigies as great as creating objects from nothing.

After the performance, he approached the “wonderful man” and asked:

  • Where is the trick of the phenomena you do?

“There is no trick,” he answered.
-Do you want to tell me that you are capable of creating from nothing? he asked again.
“That’s right,” he said again.
That is impossible, “cried the traveler.
 Only God can create.
Is it that you are God?

  • That’s right – the “wonderful man” responded again
    Filled with indignation at that disrespectful demonstration, the traveler shouted mockingly:
    -You are as God as I can be!
    “That’s the way it is,” he said again.
    only that there is a small difference between you and me.-
    Which? asked the traveler, intrigued.
    -What I know and you do not.

To know and recognize oneself as a child of God in all circumstances of life.
No one is superior to anyone.
We are all sons and daughters of God.
We have specific special gifts, different from the others, which make you unique and different, do not accept living comparing or feeling superior to anyone.
we are capable of doing wonderful things, it is in you to believe.
It is in you to discover what you were created for.

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