Fear they will say


Story: Opinions of others

A grandfather and his grandson went one day to a neighboring village to visit relatives, so they were accompanied by a donkey in order to make the day more bearable.

The boy was riding on the donkey when, when passing by a village, they heard:
-What a shame! The boy so comfortable on the donkey and the poor old man doing the
I walk on foot.

Heard this they decided that it was the grandfather in the saddle and the young man walking. But when passing through another village they heard:
-Did you see the selfish one? He quietly on the donkey, and the little boy walking.

Then they agreed that it would be best to ride the two in the donkey and so they went through another town, where some villagers shouted:
-What are you doing? The two climbed on the poor animal. What cruelty, you go to
end up blowing it!

In view of the situation, they came to the conclusion that the best course of action was to continue on foot
two to not have to endure more hurtful comments. But they went through another place and had to hear how they were told:
-Fools! How do you happen to walk having a donkey?

The fear they will say prevents living their own life for fear of being rejected.
There are people whose lives go away and they live worried to be good with others, even if they stop being authentic.
Keep in mind that the negative reviews and opinions of others are that, their opinions, that does not define you.
You do not have to like them all.
You need in the life of authentic, congruent and luminous people.
Nobody can harm you with your opinion if you do not leave.
Avoid personalizing the opinion of others.
Above all, live in peace and let go what they will say.

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