Global perception, how others see the truth


Story: The country of the blind

Once an elephant came to a city populated by the blind. In that city it was ignored
what and how was that strange and huge animal, so they decided to call the most scholars among them to raise an opinion. The first approached the animal and he palpated his paws conscientiously.

After a while sentenced:Friends, there is no doubt.

An elephant is like a column.
The second of them also approached the pachyderm and touched his ears thoroughly.

-I’m afraid to tell you that my colleague has made a mistake. An elephant is a big fan
double, “said the second. The third, on the other hand, focused his inspection on the tube.

I must say – he proclaimed – that my two colleagues have erred in their assessment. It is obvious
that an elephant is like a thick rope. In this way each scholar caught his own group of defenders and detractors, starting a controversy that made them reach the hands.

In this a man came to the town who saw perfectly, and before that
confusion asked the reason for the dispute. Messily, each group returned to defend your opinion about what was really an elephant. Ears to all, man that he saw tried to get them out of his error by explaining that each scholar had only perceived a part of the elephant, so he described what the animal was really like.

But the blind believed that the man was crazy. He was expelled from his village, and they continued for centuries to debate among themselves about what they thought should be a
elephant. And colorin colorado this story is over.

Everyone creates their own truth and reality.
Not everyone likes to get out of their mistake or hear the truth.
before each situation that arises I have to ask myself. CAN I DO THAT ALL ARE ACCORDING TO MY POINT OF VIEW?
Sometimes we get to discourse acalarodad or sub-tone in certain issues such as religion, politics, science, there are issues in which we will never agree, because each defends its truth.

The best example to defend my truth are the great changes and inventions that have transformed the world, humanity, all arose from rejections, from the search, from the persistence, from someone who believed in himself to be of the opinion of others.

I must create full awareness that not everyone will accept my truth, my reasons, my ideas, my dreams, my point of view.
I am called to create and believe my truth from what I live and continue to build to be better.
Remember the saying: “Everything is according to the color of the glass with which one looks”

Ana Lucía Ortega

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