The Colombian Fonseca will be the king of the “Carnaval de la Calle Ocho de Miami”


The Colombian singer-songwriter Fonseca was named King of Carnival on Calle Ocho in Miami today, the largest Latin music festival in South Florida, becoming the first artist in his country to receive this recognition.

In statements to Efe, Fonseca stressed that “as a Colombian” is a “very big responsibility”, since this city “has opened the doors to many people” of their compatriots.

“It’s a city that we (Colombians) love very much, I’ve been living here for seven years and it means a lot, both personally and in my career,” said the 39-year-old performer who will perform in Miami on March 10.

During the recognition, which took place in the emblematic Cuban local “Ball & Chain”, the poster of this year’s carnival was also unveiled, designed by the Ecuadorian artist Alejandra Estefanía.

The festival, in which other Latin figures will participate, is organized by the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, and will serve to raise funds and help communities in danger of social exclusion.

Fonseca, who heads the “Gratitud Foundation” to develop cultural projects in Colombia, highlighted “the social work” that the organization of this Miami Carnival does to help the most disadvantaged people in Latin America.

On the other hand, Juan Fernando Fonseca (his full name), awarded with five Latin Grammy awards, stressed that his family has been “the main axis” in his career.

This is what he wanted to show on his latest album, released at the end of last year under the title of “Agustín”, in reference to his newborn son.

“The family is an inspiration, it is an engine and it has served a lot for my songs,” he said.

On his most recent album, where he combines vallenato with pop and reggaeton, the composer said that he does it from “the heart” and not because he wants to conquer a much younger generation, which now feels identified with those musical rhythms. .

“When I include sounds in my albums I do it because I like them and because I feel they can be part of my songs, not because it’s part of a commercial strategy,” he said.

What he likes about urban music, he clarified, “is that rhythmic part”.

Fonseca said that starting in March he will continue with his concert tour and will perform in some cities in the United States.

His single “Simples Corazones” was chosen as the theme of the Colombian tourist campaign for 2018 and which has been nominated for a Latin Grammy.

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