Opposition in Puerto Rico says results are a defeat for Rossello

Puerto Rican People’s Party (PPD) president Hector Ferrer said today that the “big loser” of the plebiscite over the legal status of the island was Governor Ricardo Rosselló, although statehood won by more than 97 Percent, because eight out of ten voters did not exercise their vote.

“They went to the streets, to the beach, to the river, they ignored (the voters), they lost the state and Rossello, they do not have the majority or cheating,” Ferrer told a news conference.

In turn, he opined that despite “changing the electoral law to use government funds and allocate them to their cause” did not get Puerto Ricans to go to the polls so low participation is a “debacle” for the governor and his Party the Progressive Ninth Party (PNP).

“Statehood lost about 300,000 votes in four years in relation to the plebiscite” convened with the same purpose in 2012.

“They defeated themselves. Statehood is dead,” he said.

Finally he said that, just as Rossello will bring the results to Washington to defend the ballot decision, “we are going to go too.”

After criticizing the cost of the non-binding plebiscite, he concluded that “statehood is buried.”


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